1. What's the difference between the Black Hole series, BB29, V67, V47, V11 and Amethyst? 

If you're looking for a clear and natural-sounding mic with lots of detail and no coloration, we suggest Black Hole series microphones BH2 and BH1S. BH1S is a multi-pattern condenser mic equipped with -10,-20 PAD switch. BH2 is a standard cardioid mic. The Black Hole is a super-versatile mic and will work great all across the spectrum.

If you want a neutral-sounding mic with extra pop and edginess on the top end and some coloration, then the new BB29 microphone will work. The key fact about the BB29 is that it's the only mic from JZ line equipped with the transformer-coupled output. While the BB29 and BH2 is equipped with the same capsule, the transformer does the magic by boosting the right frequencies to get the track at the front of the mix. (look for frequency graphs on each product page)

If you want the warm vintage sound, there you have The Amethyst, Vintage 67, Vintage 47 and Vintage 11.

The Amethyst has a strong low end and lots of brightness and airiness on high frequencies. Excellent on pretty much all applications.

Vintage 67 is a bit warmer and a tiny bit smoother than The Amethyst - less harsh and less crispy than The Amethyst. Excellent on pretty much all applications, especially vocals!

Vintage 47 however is the most vintage-sounding mic we have. It has the same low end as The Amethyst and V67, however, V47 has less boost in high frequencies. It's a great choice when you want that warm vintage sound but the sound source is too harsh. 

Vintage 11 is dark-sounding condenser with lots of low-end. While it's a vintage mic, it does not have that extra brightness at top-end. It's a perfect mic for very bright vocals (harsh rock vocals, bright female vocals) and guitar amps. Also, a very great room mic for drums.

All of these are handcrafted premium-quality mics made here in Latvia using only the best electronic components.

Here is the basic audio comparison on acoustic guitar using BB29, BH1, V67, V47 - LISTEN NOW

2. When will my order ship? How long I have to wait for it to arrive?

All orders are typically sent out in 1-3 working days. Shipping normally takes 3-7 days.

3. What if I need to change my order - how can I do that?

If you need to contact us regarding your order, please send an EMAIL we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

4. Golden Drop Technology - how does it work?

By using the innovative Golden Drop Capsule technology, the capsule’s diaphragm is made lighter therefore it reacts to sound waves much faster and delivers more clarity and precision compared to other microphones in the market.

5. Can I try out any of your microphones before buying it

All orders come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. That means you can order a microphone, try it out in your own studio and make the final decision within the mentioned time period.

6. How long do these microphones last?

While we give 5-Year product warranty for all our microphones, our records prove that you can use the mic for at least 10+ years without any changes in it's sound quality.  

7. Where are your microphones manufactured?

All JZ Microphones products have been designed with strict “no-compromise” rules and are hand-crafted and tested in Latvia (EU) by a team of hand-picked, highly qualified experts.

8. What is your warranty policy?

Our studio condenser microphones come with a 5-Year product warranty. Accessories and dynamic microphones come with a 2-Year product warranty.

9. What is your return/exchange policy?

If you're not satisfied with your purchase, during the 30-day period you can exchange the microphone to another model or get a refund by writing to THIS EMAIL.

10. What if I Have a VAT Number?

If you have a registered VAT number and you want to check out without added tax, please send the following details to EMAIL  and we'll send you an invoice in 24 hours.

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Payment method: bank transfer / credit card / paypal

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