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JZ Microphones was established back in 2007, Riga, Latvia. After twenty years of relentless practice, research and work with many successful microphone models, lead designer Juris Zarins decided to use his experience and passion to create his own line of high quality hand-crafted studio recording microphones.

The products of JZ Microphones are a combination of open-minded, innovative approach to design and deep understanding of technology. JZ Microphones combine all critical elements of world-class microphone manufacturing: patented capsule technology, precision electronics and innovative industrial design.

The JZ Microphones manufacturing team itself is dedicated to music creation and very familiar with the recording process.

Mr. Juris Zarins:

“We understand sound as a language on an emotional level. Our team consists mostly of musicians or people who hold it dear to their hearts. It is what brings us together in huge concerts and can provide blissful comfort when we’re alone. We make our microphones with this in mind.

And as the sound lives in its own world and can be very complicated, our objective is to reduce the physical limitations of delivering it to your recording while keeping its complexity and beauty unaltered. We’re in this business for everyone who loves sound as much as we do.”

Trust us - Sound can be glorious, record it!

JZ stands for the initials of our microphone designer and guru – Mr. Juris Zarins.