Chinese singer-songwriter GLOOMY#ANGEL joins forces with JZ Microphones

Singer-Songwriter Chen Yinan will make a contribution to publicizing and promoting the field of microphones with her professional knowledge by cooperating with JZ Microphones, so that more sound lovers can know JZ Microphones.

  • Chen Yinan, born in Sichuan in 1992, is a female singer of Chinese mainland
  • She rated as the popular singer in the Division of Chengdu, Sichuan of 2011 Super Girl (Former Name: Chen Jia)
  • Composed the regional theme song Hero (also known as Who Is Hero) for 2015 Toyota Highlander in 2015
  • Set up GLOOMY/ANGEL band in 2016
  • Chen Yinan released the debut studio album Paradox Logic via Beijing Mort Productions in 2017 and realized million views within five days after release.
  • Time in the album released in 2018 has been popular so far
  • Participated in the Light-seeking Plan organized by Xiami Music in 2017 and was rated as Top Ten Popular Independent Musicians.
  • Shot the MVs of Saha World, How Nice Would It Be and Fairy Dream in 2017
  • Beijing Omni Space Live House participated in WUO Indoor Music Festival in 2018 Participated in the Anniversary Celebrity Live Show of Japanese KAMINARI YOKOHAMA in 2018
  • Time was selected as the ending song of Double Movie Queens, an online popular audio novel in 2018
  • Released a new song Chameleon in 2019
  • Released a new song Mental Cleanliness in 2020