What Makes the BB29 So Special?

As we have a huge sale currently on the BB29 Signature Series microphone, I thought it was worth talking about it in a short blog post this week to explain what makes this microphone so special compared not only to the rest of our JZ Mics line, but in general compared to any other microphone on the market.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Transformer Coupled

Transformers are commonly used in many microphones as either a step up or step down in voltage directly relating to the capsule. However, usually the transformer is designed to simply do this one job usually as a step up transformer; the BB29 has a transformer coupled output which makes it a little more special.

With a transformer coupled output in the BB29, not only does it help impart a subtle musical distortion that helps the microphone stand out immediately in comparison to anything on the market currently, it also means the output voltage is unchanging allowing the preamp to have a constant signal rather than a variable impedance which can cause many problems like noise or change the frequency response of the microphone itself.

Not only that, but it allows this microphone to age gracefully, with no deviation in output, frequency response or change in its imparted sound in anyway - whether you buy this mic now or in 50 years, the sound will be identical to just after its handcrafted completion (providing its looked after of course!)

Frequency Response

The BB29 is very special to me personally because of its sound. It’s not often I’m completely taken aback by a microphone as much as I was upon hearing the BB29 for the first time, and that novelty hasn’t worn off either. I reach for this mic so often - in fact, to be completely honest, I was sceptical as to how often I would reach for it and yet, it’s become a staple of my own engineering…

As the product description says, it's designed to stand out - but this doesn't necessarily mean in terms of it standing out in the mix as that can be more detrimental often than not when you need all the elements to fit together. No, this mic is designed to stand out in terms of its quality and simplicity when mixing - I rarely do much more than shape a little lower midrange on this mic, compress on the way in, and add a deesser and that's it!

Genuinely, this is the microphone that was built to help your workflow, give you unrivalled quality on many sources, and rival timeless microphones that have been adored for the last half decade. I doubt the ease of using this mic will ever wear off for me personally!

The Capsule

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, our capsule is very unique and rather special. The capsule itself isn't the same for every mic in our line, but the one thing that stays consistent is the Golden Drop Technology across all our condenser microphone range.

For years, the term Gold Spluttered Capsule was a term many would hear to talk about a microphones coating, but this has been the same technology for years since the early days of typically used large brand studio mics, simply reinvigorated as a term to describe the process of a very thin molecular coating of gold due to its highly conductive nature, but light wait enough to allow the capsule to move quickly to capture transients.

The Golden Drop Technology allows for the same conductivity, and the same unwavering quality you’d typically expect from a pro-level microphone, however, instead of coating the entire capsule we place small golden droplets in very specific areas to allow the capsule to move even more quickly than that of a totally covered membrane, allowing it to capture more sudden air movements faster, and therefore recreating the sound you’re recording far more accurately. It also allows for less colouration, frequency distortion, or age degradation than a typically fully coated capsule membrane giving you far more precision and reliability than any other microphone.

You can take advantage of the 50% Off sale we currently have on the BB29 until the 15th of August 2021, and hopefully hear for yourself why this microphone is just so special!

We’ve also recently created a brand new exclusive owners group, for all the JZ Microphones users to communicate, share their work; and above all else, take advantage of exclusive offers, early access, competitions, and Q&A’s with our extensive list of Grammy Nominees and Winners! Simply answer the questions when joining the group, and we’ll see you there: