Recording Sources the BB29 Unexpectedly Excels On

The BB29 50% off sale has been on for the last week or so now, with not long left for you to save a huge amount on one of our best microphones, and arguably one of the best mics on the market right now in my personal opinion. But if you’re not sure whether to pull the trigger or not, I thought I’d share 2 places I genuinely wasn’t expecting this mic to shine on that have totally blown me away, and hopefully by the end of this post you’ll feel confident in adding it to your collection!

Let’s dive in.

Acoustic Guitar

I’ve spoken much about acoustic guitar recording, but I haven’t touched on how incredible this microphone especially sounds on it. It’s common that you’ll want to find either boost or bring forward the clarity of the guitar as it’s where a lot of the beautiful overtones, harmonics and detail of the tonewoods used for the guitar build are heard most prominently in my humble opinion.

This particular microphone has saved me more time than I can fathom thanks to its already clear and crisp sound signature imparted on any recording, not only allowing me to mix faster, but also commit to outboard processing knowing that not a lot will be changed from what my ears hear during the actual recording process. On top of that, it has an incredibly low self noise for such a naturally bright mic lending itself to much quieter sound sources than you’d expect. Of course, some people would like to limit things like finger noise, scrapes and other artifacts, but this microphone captures them in such a musical way it’s hard to find many (if any in fact) that I look to remove either through implementing a deesser, multiband compression, or gating the signal. If that wasn’t enough however, the mic has a beautiful extended lower mid range and low end that is hard to rival. If you take advantage of this sale, or if you take advantage of another later this year, you’ll likely hear exactly what I do on a regular basis when using these mics, which is, they are truly phenomenal.

Mono Drum Room

As you may be aware, I recently did a video explaining the use of the BB29 as a mono room mic during a session with some good friends of mine. This mic was a last minute addition, and with total honestly, it was added just so I could get a sense of the sonic signature of the mic and how I could best utilize it; I definitely wasn’t expecting it to excel like it did…

To be blunt, and I write all of this without as much bias as possible regardless of my position here at JZ - the BB29 is quite simply the best mono room mic I’ve ever had the pleasure to mix. I set this up on a whim 13ft away from the kit, with the spaced A/B pair at 11ft and the XY pair at 9ft. I chose to aim it at the back wall to capture as many reflections as possible.

If you want to hear it in action and not just take my word for it, you can watch the video below, and if you pick up one of these mics during the sale, remember to join the new community on facebook made specially for people like yourself to share ideas, your work with our mics and engage in exclusive Q&A’s, competitions to win our mics, and much more!