4 Tips Before Recording Your First Podcast


In the last article, I focused on getting you started and sitting in your chair and ready to record your first podcast - the fastest growing form of media. In this article, I want to make sure that the very first words you speak are clear and make you feel comfortable. The key to comfort is in your position to the microphone.

The microphone is going to your best friend here - always there and making sure you're the best version of yourself. However, like all good relationships, it's a two way street. Here is how to get the best out of your microphone and give your best to your podcast.

Your posture

The last thing you want is to compromise is how you come across to your audience. Ideally, you're able to articulate and express yourself with confidence and sometimes standing up really helps deliver that.

Sit as you would at a table around your friends. Place arms where it feels right but make sure your hands are not covering your mouth. If you have such a habit, hold a pen in one and rest on the other. The bottom line, be yourself.


You'll want to start with have your mouth at about 3” to 6” away from your microphone grill and if you're using a pop shield put the pop shield 1” from the microphone grill. Using a pop shield will help during the mixing stage as it will take out a lot of the sibilance you're confronted with.

Your microphone

For superior sound quality, your best option is to use a condenser microphone over a dynamic microphone although the JZ Mic HH1 be a perfect candidate if you're mobile. Bare in mind that a cheap condenser will have higher levels of noise compared to high-end microphones. At JZ Microphones, we've put 30 years of design and research into our hand-crafted products.

Let's look into the two microphones I mentioned in the last article. These two microphones are powerful tools that will ensure you're recording with precision and suitable for your speaking voice.

JZ Mic V11 ($799)

The Vintage 11 doesn't sound like a microphone emulating a battered and bruised vintage microphone. It's designed and manufactured to have a timeless sound that spans eras. You'll be forgiven for questioning the design. It's unique in design and made to ensure you're clearly heard without any harsh noise in the eardrum.

For serious podcasters, this is the go-to microphone as it will grant you the versatility to reposition yourself as you get into the flow of the podcast.

JZ Mic HH1 ($179)

As a dynamic microphone, you'll feel very comfortable with you mouth right up to the microphone's grill. You will need to do this in order to get the most out of the microphone and move the coil. It doesn't allow you much movement during recording but it will certainly give you an unbelievable sound at an affordable entry price.

Setting your levels and pressing record

In your DAW, you'll need to set your audio input to the audio interface connected to the microphone. Once you've “armed” the track to record, you can begin to speak. Set the microphone level to a comfortable level. You can always turn the volume later in the editing stage. Right now, it's all about feeling and sounding comfortable.

Before recording your first episode and share it with the world, make some test recordings and get comfortable with speaking at a distance and with dynamics. Ensure the DAW doesn't show the recording “clipping” or in the red.

Final thoughts:

By now, you're halfway there to putting out your first podcast. Pick the topic, pick the guest, press record and all that is left is some creativity in the editing stage.

Next up: Editing and mixing best practices. Sign up to our newsletter to get the next in the series and be sure to check out the V11 and HH1.