The Stereo Flamingo

The Stereo Flamingo

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The Flamingo Stereo is the latest member of the Flamingo line and has a FET preamp with two large diaphragm cardioid condenser VD26 capsules for stereo pick-up.


Rotating large spherical metal mesh heads can be easily positioned and the microphone includes an integrated original construction elastic studio suspension with swivel mount. Excellent sounding VD26 capsules together with a surprising visual design and handmade perfection makes it the most adorable stereo microphone on the market.


Hand-crafted in Eastern Europe, The Stereo Flamingo is both viusally eye-catching and sonically impressive. From its quirky deco look to the modern styled VD26 capsules floating inside the dual rotating head assemblies, this near coincident stereo mic will add a whole new soundstage to your recordings.


The Stereo Flamingo combines highly desirable modern acoustic characteristics with a broad response FET electronics circuit. The result is a punchy, detailed sound with an airy top-end, a smooth presence boost between 1.5kHz + 4kHz and a slightly accented low-end response below 70 kHz.


Your drum kit and piano never had it so good!


Shockmount included!