The Amethyst Vintage + ASM shockmount (60% Off)

The Amethyst Vintage + ASM shockmount (60% Off)

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"It's clear to me that Violet has a winner on its hands with the Amethyst Vintage." Pro Sound News

"Detailed sound with excellent resolution. Very low self-noise. Elegant and effective shockmount design. Well-balanced frequency response." Sound On Sound 

"I think the versatile Amethyst Vintage is a first pick for solo vocals of all kinds. This mic will shine where you may normally go with a U67: when fullness and presence are required. With quality construction, superior design, a great sound and a reasonable street price, I recommend this mic to update old veterans’ closets, as well as the “my first great vocal mic” for aspiring professionals." Pro Audio Review

The Amethyst Vintage

"The Amethyst" uses dual diaphragm VD67 capsule (25mm) is designed for that classic warm sound we know from the classic vintage microphones. It has a slightly wider cardioid polar pattern.

Microphone utilizes true electrostatic capsule with 6-micron gold sputtered Mylar diaphragms tensioned and adjusted on precisely made brass backplates. They possess a very fast impulse transient response without sound coloration or low frequency reduction, as well as the ability to handle louder sound pressure levels.

"The Amethyst" has a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern with minimal proximity effect and are linear over the wide frontal incidence angle. An acoustically transparent head construction reduces internal resonances and reflections. The internal capsule shockmount along with the massive body construction reduces stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.

The internal solid state preamplifier of the microphone is based on class-A fully discrete transformerless electronics circuit, built using only the best quality selected components. The circuit is designed under the highest audio standards and provides a linear audio frequency range, high dynamics, ultra-low self-noise, and very low audio distortion of all types.

"The Amethyst" requires quality and stable 48 V phantom power. It is available from external microphone preamplifier and mixing console inputs or from separate phantom power supply units, but some units, though rated as 48 volt sources, may supply inadequate or unstable phantom power, which can result in distortion and degraded performance. Please check your phantom power source under real microphone load.


The handy compact size and versatile mounting, combined with high SPL capability make this microphone ideal for close instrumental situations. "The Amethyst" is particularly recommended for percussion and stringed instruments. Also, "The Amethyst" will be perfect fit for your vocal recordings. Use them up close, within 2" to 4" to get best results. The internal amplifier and capsule are hard to overload and are well suited for close miking of vocals.



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