Black Hole BH2 Cardioid (50% Off)  excl. VAT

Black Hole BH2 Cardioid (50% Off) excl. VAT

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The Winner In All Applications

The Black Hole Series is the result of relentless improvement of technology, spanning more than 30 years and it has repeatedly questioned the status of the all-time classics.

Excellent clarity and full richness are how industry professionals describe the sound of the Black Hole series microphones BH2 and BH1S.

These handcrafted studio microphones are designed for engineers and producers demanding only the best and give true confidence in any kind of recording situation!


- Handcrafted

- Cardioid

- 1x Large diaphragm 1,06" (27mm) Golden Drop Capsule

- Extra-low self noise level - 7,5 dB (A) 

- Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) - 134,5 dB   

- 5 Year Warranty


"Having used Neumann u87 on strings, brass and woodwinds for so many years it was a surprise to find that it could be improved upon. With the u87 I had become used to removing some offensive mid frequencies and warming up the sound. The Black Hole mic needed none of this, I found the sound to be exactly what I was looking for." - Jeff Sheridan (Walt Disney Records) 

"As a guitarist who is always looking towards innovative products, I was really knocked out with the JZ Black Hole microphones. It'' ability to translate my acoustic guitar is stunning. I strongly recommend giving the Black Hole a test, you'll not want to give this lil' puppy back." - Steve Stevens (Billy Idol) 

"Besides having a beautiful and unique design, the Black Hole is a versatile microphone for many applications including acoustic guitar, piano and vocals. I love this mic, it is a work of art!" - Sylvia Massy (Tool, Aerosmith, SOAD)

"It gives impression of complete transparency. I used it on vocals and have no hesitation in choosing it over a U67. I was surprised and delighted just so good the mic is!" - Andy Gill (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bono)

"I love the Black Hole microphone. It is such a versatile workhorse that I've been using it on all sorts of things. It has great detail and depth, it's very accurate and can take a lot in without breaking a sweat! It does very well when compared to many other mics that cost a lot more. It has definitely become one of my favourite microphones to use." - Marc Urselli (Sting, Jeff Beck, Lou Reed)



"Innovative design approach. Holds its own with other hi-end mics. Truly stunning on acoustic instruments." - EQ Magazine

"The mic is a perfect option for anyone looking for a versatile high-end mic that will work well in almost any situation." - Pro Audio Review

"I was particularly impressed by its sense of focus. Excellent clarity, balancing low‐end warmth with high‐end transparency. Versatile when used with acoustic instruments or voices." - Sound On Sound 

"I recommend the Black Hole to anyone. And I'd consider it a perfect choice for a smaller studio looking to add a versatile flagship mic to their collection." - Tape Op 

"Very flattering sound, particularly on male vocals, works well close in and at distance." - Resolution 



- Studio Vocals

- Grand Piano

- Wind Instruments

- String Instruments