RM1026 Mic Pre [PRE-ORDER]

RM1026 Mic Pre [PRE-ORDER]

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The Preamp Like No Other!

Designed and manufactured in England, the RM1026 is a premium-level analog preamplifier packed in a compact 500 SERIES module!

The preamp utilizes state-of-the-art discrete components without any integrated circuits giving you the best-in-class sound quality and accuracy like no other preamp in the market!

The RM1026 has the speed of world-renowned GML preamps and the character of classic British Helios but with unprecedented transparency and super-accurate frequency response.

The preamp is designed and hand-built by the legendary designer Roger Mayer! With over 50 years of experience and a dedication to only produce the best possible analog solutions, Roger products have won numerous awards.

Since 1964 Roger Mayer has been crafting icons of tone that have changed the sound of Rock and Studio Recording. When Rock & Blues luminaries Page and Hendrix needed new tones they called Roger.

Transformer Balanced Inputs & Outputs

All the input and output transformers are manufactured in-house using ferrite cores and custom winding to ensure ultimate frequency, bandwidth, phase response and hum rejection properties. Perfect isolation and safety can be obtained in the most demanding situations with no chance of damaging your microphone by simply plugging it in – the phantom power on this unit can be left on without fear of any damage. 

Mic Input Transformer 

This will accommodate both high output condensers and low output ribbon mics.

Output Transformer

The electronic specification of this transformer is perfectly matched to DAW input specifications. The headroom provided is at least 24dB above nominal operating conditions. 

Phantom Power

Uses carefully matched pairs of 6K8 resistors with a tolerance typically 0.02%. Provides a 4-stage filter network producing 175dB noise reduction. Virtual DC operation to the microphone is thus ensured.

Microphone Pre-Amplifier

This is a 2 two-stage design using both PNP and NPN low noise transistors in our proprietary configuration. The gain is controlled by a 22 way stepped conductive plastic potentiometer so as not to cause any clicks or dropouts but also have recall ability. The gain control is used in conjunction with the output control to quickly and easily set the required level. The total range of the gain control with the two controls is 65dB. 

Phase switch

The 180 degrees phase reversal switch is provided to flip the phase of the microphone as needed.

High-pass filter

The RM1026 features a high pass filter. Smoothly sweeping at 100hz at 12db per octave (-3db at 65hz), serving as an excellent feature for tuning out unwanted low frequencies.

Output Amplifier

This is also a two-stage design.

Output Control

This is a 22-way stepped conductive plastic potentiometer and has a range of about 14dB to offer fine gain adjustment to mic-pre.


SEAN GENOCKEY -  Manic Street Preachers, Roger Daltrey, Suede

The RM mic pre is quite simply the finest in my arsenal. It’s very versatile and the accumulated sound when used on multiple sources is unsurpassable. It’s fast and accurate but never lacks vibe. The sound it reproduces from all kinds of microphones leaves you with very malleable source material, I’ve used it on many internationally acclaimed artists with great results across lots of different genres.

DAVE ERINGA -  Manic Street Preachers, The Who, Idlewild

The Roger Mayer mic amp is quite simply the best I've heard! I've had it up against the best vintage pre's that are out there from the UK & from America & it wins every time! Guitars are wider & bigger, snares thump more & vocals are just incredibly 3D & sit perfectly in the mix from the off. I have 4 of them & wish I had many more!


    •   Golden Era Analogue Mic-Pre Design
    •   Discrete Ultra Low Noise Class A Design
    •   Ultra Wide Bandwidth
    •   Transformer Balanced Inputs and Outputs
    •   22 Way Stepped Mic Gain Control
    •   22 Way Stepped Output Gain Control
    •   180 Degrees Phase Reversal Switch
    •   Gold Plated XLR Connectors
    •   Triple Shielded 6 Layer PC Card Construction
    •   Ultra-Low-Noise 48v Phantom Supply
    •   High-Pass Filter


    •   Microphone Input Sensitivity : -75dBV to -10dBV
    •   Operating Output Level : Nominal +4dBu balanced
    •   Output Level Noise (Line) : -118dBu
    •   Output Impedance : 100 Ohms balanced
    •   Output Load Impedance : 10k or greater
    •   Headroom : Maximum line input level +35dBm – Internal headroom 25dB